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you do love my gallery
and my art
then comment me and fave me
to do list

Art trades


Alekeiia two chibis



waiting for the Art trades
waiting for the point commission

my favourites plz icons

:icondizzyblushplz: :iconsweetblushplz: :iconshyblushplz: :iconcrazyblushplz: :iconblushingmadplz: :iconbunnyloveplz: :iconmassiveblushplz:



Mr Small Offsprings (1) by karsisMF97
Mr Small Offsprings (1)
( oh god , i need more Steve small offspring so badly OAO)

inspired by pball666 fanfics ( from inkbunny) , i had many ideas now what if Steve would be father of all the kids he had with his Girls students B> (exept bianca , she's Nicole and steve baby) ill make more soon with larry Offsprings to with Steve

left to right: Bianca ( Nicole and Steve) Pandora ( Penny and Steve ) Timothy ( aka timmy , Teri and Steve) and the little Stella ( Anais and Steve) i know someone else find this into pedophilla and just insane but i tried to do something new without hurting anyone , if you sensitive on this , dont worry , i wont force you to like my opinion and ignore me

anyways hope you like the fankid concept design
TAWOG by ben bonquelet

Dont forget to visit me at these sites :

E621: as RULE34 , find my usename KMF97
Rule34: find my user name ''kmf97'' ( i would be inactive for a long time)
Furaffinty (about that i wont post any shota and loli nsfw, just from rules of this site ) :…
Pixiv ( i would be inactive for a long time) :…

R18:Mrsmall fucks everything on his way, literally
(Warning : this censored drawing contain shota and loli NSFW so if you are so sensitive on this , ill recomend you should ignore it. Thanks)

some doddles i did Because , why not, i like shota and lolicon and i dont really care at all
:> ( i like them only in fictional) 
it was really fun to draw Teri and Molly ( both are such a cute )  with their favourite Teacher giving all his love to them <3 ill drew these scenes after reading a NSFW fanfiction pball666 did ,so hot nose bleed  ( my favourite chapter is the 2 where Mr. small give the girls his seed  ) the Fanfic is Steve and Larry's big problems ( you can found on InkBunny)
i recomend you should read ^^ ( for the ones who likes lolicon and the ones who likes large genitalia ) OH, and i made a mr.small and mr. yoshida doodle in there B>

E621: as RULE34 , find my usename KMF97
Rule34: find my user name ''kmf97'' ( i would be inactive for a long time)
Furaffinty (about that i wont post any shota and loli nsfw, just from rules of this site ) :…
Pixiv ( i would be inactive for a long time) :…
R18: the alternative scene of The Triangle
Oh my god Karsis, you're such a pervert artist that the world ever create... it might a suprise this drawing cost me a life to draw, the only thing is , i made shotadom ( Seme child with Male Adult Uke)  for first time of my life , yep, now Karsis had has a new disgusting Fetish for now and Going to the hell ¬/////¬ ( if you want for more , send me a note for suggest anythingNosebleed Plz if its fictional imagination of course)

( for see the uncensored , you have to go these sites to see it )

E621: as RULE34 , find my usename KMF97
Rule34: find my user name ''kmf97'' ( i would be inactive for a long time)
Pixiv ( i would be inactive for a long time) :…


karsisMF97 has started a donation pool!
6,264 / 999
:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow: Feel free to donate! :bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletyellow:
:icondonatepointsgreenplz: :icondonatepointsgreenplz: :icondonatepointsgreenplz: :icondonatepointsgreenplz: :icondonatepointsgreenplz:
please ~~~~~~~~~~~~comish info

real balace: 43 :points:

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Mariona font vidal
Artist | Student | Other

Hello and welcom to my account
Name: Mariona font vidal
Age: 18
Birth: 29-09-1997

I like: funny movies. draw manga, anime and cartoon,
food. get friends, draw comics, ideas,The Legend of zelda ect..

I don't like >:< :
Stupid people, art thief, bulling people,
scarded movies, bad happen, ect

Fears <:s :
cocodriles, sharks, spider,
horror, ghosts, the killers, attack my family and my friends

Occupation: Artist, drawer, singer, author and the colors

My friends
:iconany1995: :iconbgm94: :iconmagic-kristina-kw: :iconpauuh: :iconphoebe-koopa: :iconraikuluna: :iconsinveriex: :icongingersexual: :iconsonadow-95::iconkagaminemix: :iconisaacbandicoot: :iconpokumii:
My Favorite Artist

:iconnamie-kun::iconsonnyaws: :iconkiwibon: :iconkaya-snapdragon::iconpaytena: :iconmelluh: :iconsho-n-d::iconmelodeiia::iconcariman::iconchtkghk::iconjaeyun213::icontraurik::icongashi-gashi::iconnyanamo::iconkichigai::iconsevencolors-alice:

Anti CheesePie Stamp by Princessmarceline2Anti-SoarinDash icon (non-animated) by SailorSeiyaDigiJemFluffle Puff Fan Stamp by JailboticusFlash X Shimmer Stamp by PinkiesPartyGirlPinkieBlitz Stamp by srbarkerSpitSoar -STAMP- by WOOP-DE-DE-DOODxC stamp by Mn27OC Stamp by Kiotoko-SoloOC appreciation stamp by ChrysalisloverFluttershy and Discord stamp by SekhmetttI Heart Pastel by NauticalSparrowStamp: Chaomf by iPandacakesTwishy Stamp by migueruchanI Hate TrenderJack Stamp by The-Gold-DragonStamp: Chaomf by iPandacakes ChrysalisXFluffle Puff stamp by FunnyGamer95Fluffle Puff Licking The Window Stamp by ViperDash-GFXmpreg. by PhotographedTuesdayMPREG Stamp by DoctorMLoli
its not so personal , but do you thinking my ocs are Mary sues / Gary sues with a uncreative designs ? , not only my ponies Ocs , my Human and others species Ocs like this:
 Adalisa and Mariona fezner vansir by karsisMF97 ,ChubbyChibbiPratice (3) by karsisMF97( Helen The rapsberry one), Chubbychibbi (2) by karsisMF97  , ChubbyChibbiPratice (1) by karsisMF97,MationaKids by karsisMF97(they suppose to be my Oc x OC next generetion in my impossible history), Mpreg2 by karsisMF97, new Corax and Athoris by karsisMF97, ChubbyChibbi3 by karsisMF97Nydia reference 2 by karsisMF97( She's Nydia, i'll use her on breeds a year ago, her design such looks like a Mary-sue , i think i'm going redesign on her , like her name for you guys don't.... get rabid for all my designs looks the same and thinking im a thief  ) OPEN Mlp Breedable by karsisMF97 ( the right wolf-pony , Diego , i would say the same reason to Nydia)

yeah , you can say '' this such a stupid question! what made you thinking that ? '' well when i read the comments from accuse a person for made a Mary-sue Character is like:

(1) Negative Comment
'' You most OCs looks like ****** from ***** , you thief! we report you from that, Bitch, you so unoriginal without a future!!!!!'' (i give  you an example the case From my past Accusing Of Ripoff Ocs by karsisMF97)

when this suppose to say:

(2) Positive Comment ( in my point )
'' your oc looks a lot from that character, but if you change these Details , colours or her/his Story a bit , im sure your OC would looks interesting and no Mary-sue/Gary-sue, just trust us , just try your best .you can do it <3 ''

as i see around on DA, the most of the comments , in my point , are like the (1) and i am a bit disapointed from that , and that made me think my ocs have a uncreative personality, story and Designs.

and ill leave you to tell me your opinion of this.

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