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you do love my gallery
and my art
then comment me and fave me
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Alekeiia two chibis



waiting for the Art trades
waiting for the point commission

my favourites plz icons

:icondizzyblushplz: :iconsweetblushplz: :iconshyblushplz: :iconcrazyblushplz: :iconblushingmadplz: :iconbunnyloveplz: :iconmassiveblushplz:



DTAentry: Sun Flare by karsisMF97
DTAentry: Sun Flare
Omg , i love her so much and i love DTA contest so much ,thanks for it , now i have an other crack ship called Flashpommel or Cocosentry, i''l think they're would be a cute couple , i try my best to win her
Dta from :iconpawscratch: Fanfoal DtA OPEN

OK, let's start on her bio ( i'm not really good for, but i try) :

Name: Sun Flare ( Flare, for short)
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Parents: Flash Sentry and Coco Pommel 
Personality: her personality is like of her both parents , kind , she's respectful with others, bold with loyalty, is proctective with her friends and family. She's open at everything with honesty, (other ponys thinking she's lies, but  Flare ignore them), very adventure and ready to learn new tecniques at loyal warrior at the alicorns princess witth her best ( like her father) , she's can be faster at training. she's can be sarcastic while not noticing, she had feels with other and can be agressive with idiots and hurtful ponies.
Back Story: before Flare's born, Flash had 1 week vacation at Manehattan, nothing bad was going , suddenly, when he's walk distracting at the road of Manehattan ,  he's hit at somepony and he's apology with helping with the things , but when he's look up for see the face , Flash sentry was so quite and blush when he saw Coco Pommel ( Coco had the same reaction at Flash sentry) , now she's the most famous at designs on Manehattan, who's don't work with Suri Polomare anymore for begin cruel at her and other and for cheating , Now Coco start with a new life. Flash and Coco had an Strong attraction to each other after  3 years meeting , going on restaurants  , share things together , meeting the friends and  ( includes Sunset Shimmer, Flash's ex, but she's change a lot,  now they're best friends). One night, At the Gala night , Flash sentry (with his Gala armour) was so nervious to say something special at his feelings at her, But Twilight and their friends support him saying : You can do it ,Flash! you're going to have a wonderful future With Coco! . This instantly , Coco pommel was a little nervious and shy too , Flash comes to her , kneels in front of her , he's asking for the propasal with his own feelings at her, Coco Pommel suprised at this , quikly said many yes at him with relase her feelings at him. Celebrating their wedding the Gala that night. they will be happy forever and giving kissing each other. months later of marrige ... Coco gives Flash at the good new, she was pregnant and they're gonna be parents soon. Flash was really happy at the news and he's promise to protect her and the baby . Months later of pregnancy, the precious filly was born at the princess castle after get over from changeling's attack  , the parents are so happy to have an own daughter to take a good care, for protect her, but their have the problems with the perfect name for the newborn filly. Suddenly, Sunset Shimmer suggest the most perfect name for their baby. Sun Flare, Both had the same opinion and they accept it. Flash ask Sunset shimmer she wants to be aunt for the baby and be for the family, Sunset Shimmer accepted at this moment,  10 minutes later , the little Sun Flare open her eyes, when she's saw her parents and sunset, she was giggle , and well , now the would be a wonderful family they can be. 
Cutiemark and what it means: is a sun with blue lines in flame wings , it represents she's the warrior of sun.
Likes: be a warrior like her father, have friends, summer, racers, japanese food , gore , comedy and horror movies , good jokes with Magma Spare ( yep , they gonna be the same universe for my AU)  traveling , stromy day, learn new things , studying , helping , ect
Dislikes: Idiots ponies who's bothers her friends and family , romantic movies , boring moments , dresses , awkward situations, some pony insult her for her apparence , fast food ,giving up , ect
Sibling(s): none for that moment (i think i put flashshimmer and Cheesepommel child, i dunno, for my AU )

i hope you like it, i hope i win her ^^

art belgons to me
Our First Encounter : PAGE 1 by karsisMF97
Our First Encounter : PAGE 1
Spanish translation:

Primer panel:

Mariona: ( narrando) fue hace 9 meses cuando ocurrió ese incidente , Iba de camino a casa con un regalo de la fiesta.

Mariona: Wow Esa fiesta fue divertida , de todos modos, espero llegar a casa pronto. Bueno , voy a ir en el bosque. la gente dice que es el camino más rápido.

Mariona: ( narrando) Y es el mayor error que he tenido en mi vida. Y eso era mi primer intento.

Segundo panel:


Mariona: ( narrando) : 1 hora mas tarde , Después de intentar salir el bosque dando vueltas como una idiota...

Tercer Panel:

Mariona: *temblando de frio* NO...cre..creo que... 
Mariona: (narrando) de repente , mi cuerpo empieza a sentirse helado.. 

Cuarto y Quinto panel:

Mariona: (Narrando) pero, mis sensaciones me estaban diciendo que no estoy sola en este bosque.

Sexto panel:

Mariona: Ho..ho ...Hola?


Yay i finnish my page of my comic from :iconnagas-are-forever: i hope you like it

Cover: Our First Encounter (cover)


Yay terminé mi página de mi cómic de::iconnagas-are-forever: Espero que les guste

Cobertura: Our First Encounter (cover)

art and Mariona belgons to me



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Mariona font vidal
Artist | Student | Other

Hello and welcom to my account
Name: Mariona font vidal
Age: 17
Birth: 29-09-1997

I like: funny movies. draw manga, anime and cartoon,
food. get friends, draw comics, ideas,The Legend of zelda ect..

I don't like >:< :
Stupid people, art thief, bulling people,
scarded movies, bad happen, ect

Fears <:s :
cocodriles, sharks, spider,
horror, ghosts, the killers, attack my family and my friends

Occupation: Artist, drawer, singer, author and the colors

My friends
:iconany1995: :iconbgm94: :iconmagic-kristina-kw: :iconpauuhanthothecat: :iconphoebe-koopa: :iconraikuluna: :iconsinveriex: :icongingersexual: :iconsonadow-95::iconkagaminemix: :iconisaacbandicoot: :iconpokumii:
My Favorite Artist

:iconnamie-kun::iconsonnyaws: :iconkiwiggle: :iconkaya-snapdragon::iconmaoruu: :iconbubucita: :iconsho-n-d::iconmelodeiia::iconcariman::iconchtkghk::iconjaeyun213::icontraurik::icongashi-gashi::iconnyanamo::iconkichigai::iconsevencolors-alice:

Anti CheesePie Stamp by Princessmarceline2Anti-SoarinDash icon (non-animated) by SailorSeiyaDigiJemFluffle Puff Fan Stamp by JailboticusFlash X Shimmer Stamp by PinkiesPartyGirlPinkieBlitz Stamp by srbarkerSpitSoar -STAMP- by WOOP-DE-DE-DOODxC stamp by Mn27OC Stamp by Kiotoko-SoloOC appreciation stamp by ChrysalisloverFluttershy and Discord stamp by SekhmetttI Heart Pastel by NauticalSparrowStamp: Chaomf by iPandacakesTwishy Stamp by migueruchanI Hate TrenderJack Stamp by The-Gold-DragonStamp: Chaomf by iPandacakes ChrysalisXFluffle Puff stamp by FunnyGamer95Fluffle Puff Licking The Window Stamp by ViperDash-GFXmpreg. by PhotographedTuesdayMPREG Stamp by DoctorMLoli
the winners of this contest :… is :

1. :iconcapricornuss: with her Ocs , Pancake with her tail mouth, Maximums :Entry for Chocolate Syurp SSPC by Capricornuss i really love the Bios of both and the designs , i have no words , they so perfect for Choco and Lemon Back Rub~ (2nd SSPC Entry) by Capricornuss they looks so arodable together , this would be 100% OTP,they're the offical ship, the ship is named : PancakeSyrup or ChocoCake , Here's your prize, sweetie , you won it:
1st: the SSP will be official shipp of Chocolate Syrup
       gets 2 batchs of 10 foals and the winner choose whatever you want For free
      and gets a Drawing prize of them together
      an pixel drawing of them together

2. :iconnau-tics: with her oc Cocoa Shimmer :Chocolate  Syrup Breedable Entry by nau-tics i love your oc so much , really original , i'm really sure they would be best friends Here's your prize, sweetie , you won it:

2nd: gets 1 batch of 8 foals and you choose 4 free foals
        The pony will be Choco's best friend
        gets a pixel drawing of them together

3.:iconmisfitmuffinz: with her oc , Anthony Anthony x Choco by MisfitMuffinz so handsome and awesome pony , he would be the best friend for my little Choco and lemon, Here's your prize, sweetie , you won it:
3rd: gets 1 batch of 5 foals and gets choose 2 for free
        The pony will be Choco's best friend
        gets a tradicional draw of them together

other extra winner is for :icondreamer12423: for her Oc hybrid , Cocoa: Cocoa and Choco by Dreamer12423 so fluffy and cute pony , Here's your prize, sweetie , you won it:

4rt: 1 batch of 4 foals gets choose 2 for free
  The pony will be Choco's best friend
  digital drawing of them together

any way thank you so much for entry X3

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