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you do love my gallery
and my art
then comment me and fave me
to do list

Art trades


Alekeiia two chibis



waiting for the Art trades
waiting for the point commission

my favourites plz icons

:icondizzyblushplz: :iconsweetblushplz: :iconshyblushplz: :iconcrazyblushplz: :iconblushingmadplz: :iconbunnyloveplz: :iconmassiveblushplz:



Old ocs redesign (2) by karsisMF97
Old ocs redesign (2)
Yay, More charcters Redesign in process for my Rewrite Story project.

 Change their Names and Biography and anything necessary.. im more Proud about Mayra's Design , it looks more adorable and cute begin a hybrid than her Human form ^^ And Matilde's Design More proud than before just with
her new colour hair C: ( exept her clothes , i drew them so simple, oh you can give me some suggestions Because my story i am working is about GL, BL and Hetero Romance , Adventures and Fantasy and im suck at writting)

hope you like them
Matilde semade and Mayra Vansir Belgons to me

Also you can visit my

its Smarry Time!! ( NSFW censored)
nose bleedYes yes yes, my very first NSFW of this paring excited happy , oh god i feel so happy with the result <3 , Larry and mr. small enjoying at their momment alone B3

  if you want to see them without this ''perv KarsisIcon''
Go and see at Rule34 and from my account : kmf97 to see the uncensored B3

uncensored version on my tumblr :…
uncesored from my Furaffinty :…

and hope you like it <3 , TAWOG and character belgons to Ben bonquelet
The amazing show of the cloud hippie by karsisMF97
The amazing show of the cloud hippie

original collaboration picture:… ( thank you , sweetie , youre an amazing artist <3 ) Mr. small giving a Fanservice for his fans B3
Omg , i was feeling like i want to do a NSFW of me with Steve small , maybe i'll will draw a special one at the 29 of september ( my birthday,18 years this year )

the girls of this picture ( left to right) :iconvaega-turlim: :iconkarsismf97: (aka me) :icontiapunky: and :iconflutterpie2398:

TAWOG and chater belgons to Ben bonquelet



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6,264 / 999
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please ~~~~~~~~~~~~comish info

real balace: 43 :points:

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Mariona font vidal
Artist | Student | Other

Hello and welcom to my account
Name: Mariona font vidal
Age: 17
Birth: 29-09-1997

I like: funny movies. draw manga, anime and cartoon,
food. get friends, draw comics, ideas,The Legend of zelda ect..

I don't like >:< :
Stupid people, art thief, bulling people,
scarded movies, bad happen, ect

Fears <:s :
cocodriles, sharks, spider,
horror, ghosts, the killers, attack my family and my friends

Occupation: Artist, drawer, singer, author and the colors

My friends
:iconany1995: :iconbgm94: :iconmagic-kristina-kw: :iconpauuh: :iconphoebe-koopa: :iconraikuluna: :iconsinveriex: :icongingersexual: :iconsonadow-95::iconkagaminemix: :iconisaacbandicoot: :iconpokumii:
My Favorite Artist

:iconnamie-kun::iconsonnyaws: :iconkiwibon: :iconkaya-snapdragon::iconpaytena: :iconmelluh: :iconsho-n-d::iconmelodeiia::iconcariman::iconchtkghk::iconjaeyun213::icontraurik::icongashi-gashi::iconnyanamo::iconkichigai::iconsevencolors-alice:

Anti CheesePie Stamp by Princessmarceline2Anti-SoarinDash icon (non-animated) by SailorSeiyaDigiJemFluffle Puff Fan Stamp by JailboticusFlash X Shimmer Stamp by PinkiesPartyGirlPinkieBlitz Stamp by srbarkerSpitSoar -STAMP- by WOOP-DE-DE-DOODxC stamp by Mn27OC Stamp by Kiotoko-SoloOC appreciation stamp by ChrysalisloverFluttershy and Discord stamp by SekhmetttI Heart Pastel by NauticalSparrowStamp: Chaomf by iPandacakesTwishy Stamp by migueruchanI Hate TrenderJack Stamp by The-Gold-DragonStamp: Chaomf by iPandacakes ChrysalisXFluffle Puff stamp by FunnyGamer95Fluffle Puff Licking The Window Stamp by ViperDash-GFXmpreg. by PhotographedTuesdayMPREG Stamp by DoctorMLoli
its not so personal , but do you thinking my ocs are Mary sues / Gary sues with a uncreative designs ? , not only my ponies Ocs , my Human and others species Ocs like this:
 Adalisa and Mariona fezner vansir by karsisMF97 ,ChubbyChibbiPratice (3) by karsisMF97( Helen The rapsberry one), Chubbychibbi (2) by karsisMF97  , ChubbyChibbiPratice (1) by karsisMF97,MationaKids by karsisMF97(they suppose to be my Oc x OC next generetion in my impossible history), Mpreg2 by karsisMF97, new Corax and Athoris by karsisMF97, ChubbyChibbi3 by karsisMF97Nydia reference 2 by karsisMF97( She's Nydia, i'll use her on breeds a year ago, her design such looks like a Mary-sue , i think i'm going redesign on her , like her name for you guys don't.... get rabid for all my designs looks the same and thinking im a thief  ) OPEN Mlp Breedable by karsisMF97 ( the right wolf-pony , Diego , i would say the same reason to Nydia)

yeah , you can say '' this such a stupid question! what made you thinking that ? '' well when i read the comments from accuse a person for made a Mary-sue Character is like:

(1) Negative Comment
'' You most OCs looks like ****** from ***** , you thief! we report you from that, Bitch, you so unoriginal without a future!!!!!'' (i give  you an example the case From my past Accusing Of Ripoff Ocs by karsisMF97)

when this suppose to say:

(2) Positive Comment ( in my point )
'' your oc looks a lot from that character, but if you change these Details , colours or her/his Story a bit , im sure your OC would looks interesting and no Mary-sue/Gary-sue, just trust us , just try your best .you can do it <3 ''

as i see around on DA, the most of the comments , in my point , are like the (1) and i am a bit disapointed from that , and that made me think my ocs have a uncreative personality, story and Designs.

and ill leave you to tell me your opinion of this.

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